August 28, 2013
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be my partner in crime, that endless rhyme
hole-in-the-world kind of light
before we die
i don't want to have to shout it out
you know what i'm trying to say
i don't want to live this way
in hiding
be my life in a picture book
cold shoulders and silver looks
say there's no fairy tale, these bumps and bruises are real
and a result of a misunderstanding
a hundred thousand years long
not anymore
i'm done with the sad songs, the covering up
the hiding
be my brave face
be my game face
be the reason i wake up each morning and finally know what i feel
let's be real, together, despite the cruel weather
rainclouds of hate and discrimination
i'm done, i'm tired
of hiding
what i love and more importantly what i am
and maybe you dont know what it's like to be held by your mother
when you're hurt
listening to her tell you she loves you and knowing she wouldn't, not if she knew,
not if you weren't so goddamned afraid
but i do
i know what it's like,
here in hiding
and it's over, it's time to grow up
be my friend, my faithful, my family
my love and war and euphoria and everything i've looked for
in those boys
it's time to stop
time to stop hiding
time to stop hiding
who we are

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