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The Painful Truth

May 15, 2008
By Rachael Gesell, Hartland, WI

It’s not what you think, it never is
Stereotypes determine your rank, whether you like it or not
Your every move is watched so people can know what to say next
You’re not gonna like it, but it’s high school, you have to deal

The “popular” people will bring you down
When they secretly know you’re the same as them
The nerds will be scared of you
Because they’ve already been crushed by everyone else

You feel caught in the in-between twenty- four seven
You want to escape it all, but you can’t
People judge you as you walk in the door
You’re not gonna like it, but you have to deal

There are the partiers, the band geeks
The goth, the skaters
The Broadway freaks, the preps
The jocks, the rich who own it all

The swimmers, the cool nerds
The promiscuous, the video gamers
It’s an uncontrolled zoo and there’s nothing you can do
You’re not gonna like it, but you have to deal

People will talk about you, mostly bad
And always see themselves with a higher ranking
Drama is a nonstop thing
Even it you don’t want to hear it, you do

This is high school, there is no other
Every school has the weird, the popular
No matter what you say, what you do,
You’re not gonna like it, but you have to deal

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