Feedback: Art Contests?

March 8, 2013
Dear Teen Ink,
I think you are doing a wonderful job on showing art that us teens are making. One thing I would like to see is the magazine honoring more art. A way of adding to the gallery is to hold drawing contests once every few months.

This way, you could pick a topic that would relate to the issue and we could enter our art in the contest. We don’t have to win anything, but instead have it appear in the issue for the world to see. I think it will help other’s art to be recognized, and it will defiantly improve the art gallery. I look forward to seeing the gallery every issue because it inspires me to draw more, and it adds pizzaz to the magazine. I’m sure the audience that you have that are artists will really enjoy having more pieces included. There are so many teens that would love to be honored in your gallery, so why not make it fun?

Thank you,

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