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Escape from Pressure

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To my those whom I am leaving behind.

I look out of a car window out into an expanse of muddy field. I don’t see a bleak horizon up ahead full of sadness that my “Best friends” are gone. For the first time in three years, since I started in 7th Grade at that school, I feel free. I feel like could jump and climb and shout and scream and laugh and cry and feel joy. I am so overwhelmed by these emotions. I am no longer very young and I don’t get treated like it. But I when I was there, back in that old school, I wasn't free either. I couldn’t of been if I tried. The attempts would have been useless.

I am glad I have gone and left you and that world behind. Because now I can start afresh. I can work hard and read and write. One day I aim to become a published author. You may laugh and scoff, tease me and call me as many names behind my back as you please. I couldn’t care less, because I can see past the world you live in, of wasting money on phones and electronics, clothes, cars, cigarettes and jewellery. Who is going to achieve more? I may look odd and sound odder; I may not be the part or talk slang or smoke. But I do have a brain, and I use it. I want to learn for the sake of learning, because it’s fun to know this stuff and I enjoy it. Continue like this and who knows where you might end up.

When I was around you, I couldn’t put a toe out of line. I would follow like a duck, I felt like a sheep. Just as boring as everyone else. I cried at night, my mum couldn’t help- she didn’t know what to do. I felt alone. All alone. Trapped in a world I didn’t’ belong in.

But now, finally I have broken free. You shouted and swore and beat me up for doing so, but all the same. I Have. We’re moving house, to the country. Just me my Mum and my sister, sure I’ll miss Dad but I know now I can cope. Mum will home-school me and my sister, we’re not running away from our past life and hiding from school.
Now we’re starting afresh, I’ll go to college and university and I’ll live my life to the full. Now it’s just time to forget you.

I’ll stop looking back and instead I’ll look forward.
Yours Sincerely. Kat

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watisdit said...
May 7, 2012 at 2:52 pm
hi, i thought this article was very good and i can totally relate to it well done!
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