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October 3, 2011
By jojo34 BRONZE, Uniontown, Ohio
jojo34 BRONZE, Uniontown, Ohio
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A random drug test from time to time should be no problem for a student athlete, but you prejudge an athlete or any group you and make them take a random drug test. Just because a kid choose to do something active or participate in an extracurricular event should not subject them to be judged in any way. So why not make everyone take it? Is it too much money? Schools should not make just a group take a drug test when other kids that are likely to do drugs just as much don’t have too. There is merit in drug testing in schools and holding people accountable for their choices, but schools should not single out any groups of kids.

In a test given to a senior class about 19.2% of the kids smoked majanjana 30 days or less before the test. That is why there is positives for schools to drug test kids, and plus it helps the kids make better choice knowing that they might be given a drug test. David G. Evans from Student Drug Testing Coalition claims “that 76% of high school kids keep use or sold drugs on school ground”. So I believe that there is good out of drug testing kids randomly and it may change people and make kids make better life choices.

Holding people accountable for their choices is like telling a 4 year old not to lie. People lie; it’s a simple fact that every one lies at one point in their life. Holding people accountable for their designs is like lying, because people are going to screw up and make bad choice no matter what once in their life. I believe that doing random drug tests would help high school kids make better choices in their life. By doing these test kids would not know when they are coming so they wouldn’t do drugs because they are scared to get caught.


I am tired of all the prejudice in the world
In the class room, at work, in the mall, on the road Teachers, moms, dads, kids, young, old, white, black
It feels like getting shot in the back

The poem by Daniel Brown is a powerful poem its saying that judging some because of the way they act is wrong. So why so many people do does it? Just like the schools that only drug tests athletes that not right.

The Universality of Arizona Did a study that 1259 students in athletics or extracurricular actives used drugs. However they also concluded that 46,000 teen (regular students)—8th, 10th, and 12th graders to be exact use drugs. So maybe drug testing every student in the school might be better than just testing a certain group.

Drug testing is good for holding people accountable for their choices. There are some problems with schools singling out groups of kid, but I believe that drug testing in schools will have a positive effect. Kids are doing drugs all over the world not just certain groups of kids all of them no matter what they do with their free time.

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