The Veil Removed MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   "They're all a bunch of Nazis," stated onestudent in my physical education class, not realizing what hewas saying. "It's always the quiet ones, the ones whodress in black and listen to Death Metal," said another.When I asked how they knew so much about who would start thenext Columbine, they said disrespectfully, "You'reprobably next."

How can America, the land ofopportunity, categorize people by what they wear, who theyhang out with and what they listen to? If the quiet child isnever expected to do it, does it, then obviously the personwho classified them as harmless was not correct. Many peopleare quiet, many people are friends with strange people andmany people do things we categorize as strange. How can thisbe the sole reason for someone wanting to commitgenocide?

The kids who are labeled killers (and mindyou, many of them never kill) are quiet and unknown, becausethat's how they are classified. If you are worried thatbecause someone is quiet or a stranger, he might kill you, whynot talk to him? Take the step to make friends. It might savea life, or even 15. Instead of creating an outcast, make anacquaintance. It might do you both some good.

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