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April 29, 2018
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“My Twitch and I” is a beautiful memoir written by Manuel Guzman about his relationship with his twitch while growing up. Manuel shares prominent memories that involve his twitch, including the first one he experienced, which was in the second grade. It was also the first time Manuel realized that others were not always as used to his twitch as he was. He reminisces, “For me it felt natural, like breathing, but kids and adults reacted with negativity.” Even though Despite the hostility expressed by others, he soon accepts his twitch, proudly saying, “my twitch is my superpower.”
This amazing piece showed me what living with a twitch is like for others. It opened my mind and reminded me that everyone in this world lives through the same days but experiences them in different ways. This brilliant memoir is a spectacular example of finally accepting something that others who do not understand dislike. It shows that something you might find shameful or “flawed” is really just a part of your coming-of-age-story.

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