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Feedback: Don't Pray For Me

April 24, 2018
By StOwl239 SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
StOwl239 SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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“Don’t Pray for Me” is a genius response by Haley L. to the classic “thoughts and prayers” condolences sent out by politicians after a school shooting or other terror event. It explains how nobody, not the victims or potential ones, want those prayers; they want action to prevent it from happening again. But after all the tragedy that this country has experienced in the past months, nothing has happened.

Haley’s response was worded gorgeously, the concise article illustrating perfectly the sentiments of so many frightened teens. She says that she doesn’t want anyone praying for her; she wants “to survive, and nothing that you [politicians] have done so far will stop a gunman from walking into my school and ending my life.” The last sentence, particularly, was very powerful - “If that [her dying in a school shooting] happens, don’t you dare pray for me or claim that your heart is broken. Because you could have done something to stop it and you didn’t.” This article was relatable to me and many other teens fearing for their lives. It can only be hoped that Haley’s advice will be heeded.

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