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Cornell University

April 11, 2018
By Leonzo BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Leonzo BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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As I approach the zenith of my high school education, the college reviews that are given from each Teenink issue are incredibly resourceful for pupils such as I who are researching which university is the right fit for them when they complete their high school career. In a way, the fact that these college reviews are written by adolescents and young adults who have actually enrolled allows the youth to instantaneously relate to them with a similar, youthful mindset. Besides that, the details that highlight the aesthetics of certain colleges also offer some insight into the benefits that can be received in certain universities; after all, perhaps these details can even change some minds about reconsidering ones that some may find interesting. With Wyckoff's article on Cornell University, it is no exception. Having a relative who had a chance to register for Cornell University, Wyckoff's was able to obtain "personal tours of the campus" which enabled her to form a "sense of what life [was] like for students" on the campus grounds (Wyckoff). With a selection of words specifically chosen to express her attitude towards the university, Wyckoff displays a scholarly and observant tone when she expressed how Cornell "truly epitomizes the beauty of upstate New York" and how the university symbolizes "one of Cornell's important values- diversity" (Wyckoff). When such attitudes as that of Wyckoff's see the beauty in anything like the architecture or even the rural setting of Cornell University, it creates a sense of appreciation inside me for people like her. Thank you Sydney Wyckoff for offering your insight into Cornell University for students to have the full scope of college life. Thank you.

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