Feedback on Reverse Racism Is Not Real

February 8, 2018
By SabinaZ SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
SabinaZ SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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   I completely disagree with the article “Reverse Racism is Not Real” by Elizabeth Otero.  She believes that only white people could be racist because they are more superior, which is not true. People of different race and nationality are struggling all over the world, which Elizabeth does not mention in her article.  Elizabeth believes that society is controlled by white culture, and that colored people do not have a say in what happen. She also believes that all white people have special privileges, which is why all white people are racist. All of her believes that I just mentioned are not true.

   First of all, Barack Obama was the first black president in the U.S, if Elizabeth Otero does not remember. He served 2 terms because he was reelected. This is one example of a colored person having a say in society. This say is also one of the most important ones. American rapper Kanye West is a millionaire who is very respected. Colored people are in the senate, and have a say in the government. Elizabeth Otero stated in her article “People of color have been treated as subhuman for centuries, which is evidenced through the fact that they were not given- and still do not have- the same rights as white people in regards to voting, education, pay, job opportunity, etc.” This statement is false. There are many organizations that help colored people with education. Just yesterday I saw an advertisement for it. There is no more segregation anymore, and yes there is the KKK, but people of all races are trying to stop them. In 1965 president Lyndon B. Johnson signed a law that gave African Americans the right to vote. Voting in the 21st century, if she did not know, is anonymous, which means that the government will not know who voted for each candidate. Anyone can vote in the U.S who is 18 years old and above.
   The fact that Elizabeth Otero thinks that colored people cannot be racist to white people is completely wrong. There are some black cops that are racist to white people, just like some white cops are racist to black people. Racism goes on both sides. Elizabeth Otero brought up the fact that white people used to think they were superior to colored people.  That anger can fuel a black person to be racist or even hurt a white person. Racism is fueled from hate and dislike, which fuels some black people. However white people can also be racist, but not all. Not all black people are racist, just like not all white people are racist. Elizabeth Otero said that all white people are racist. If she thinks that every single white person on the streets is racist than who takes her order in cafes, who is her teacher, who are her friends? Is every single person who is white, racist? NO! She should think before she writes something horrible like all white people are racist. Racism is a serious subject and I don't think that she finds it serious. I believe that any race could be racist, which is why I disagree with this article.

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