Feedback on Skiing Through Nuclear Winter: A Satire

February 7, 2018
By SecretlyAnOwl SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
SecretlyAnOwl SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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     What’s the solution to our world’s problems? Well, according to “John,” killing everyone through nuclear war is the obvious answer. His piece “Skiing Through Nuclear Winter: A Satire” lays out a carefully formulated plan to end everyone’s suffering. He proposes that all nuclear powers fire all of their missiles, completely annihilating everything on the globe. This allows for a blank canvas for new civilizations and environments, letting them accomplish what we have done, but hopefully with less issues. The nuclear button has become the reset button instead, allowing for a better civilization to take over the world we have deserted. I must say, John, you are a genius.
     In all seriousness, humanity hasn’t been doing so well recently. We went through a period of major achievements, which is still going on. However, we are also facing problems in our government, society, environment, etc. We have the capability to work together to fix these problems, but nothing seems to be happening. For instance, the U.S. pulled out of the Paris Climate Deal, which was working to prevent climate change. This is a step in the wrong direction, directly into a bottomless pit. John manages to discuss the state of our world, but in a way that doesn’t seem so dismal. A part that I found particularly striking was, “Everything is perfect. Everything is magical. Except what falls from the sky is ash, and the rabbit has two heads.” John’s voice in this piece lends a certain humorous quality, while still discussing what is wrong with humanity.
    His proposal to rectify the world has some sound reasoning behind it. Should we start a petition?

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