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December 12, 2017
By aberr SILVER, NYC, New York
aberr SILVER, NYC, New York
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“A Normal Day When You Don’t Feel Normal,” by “Kori,” is an honest and upfront piece about how you, the reader, are put into the shoes of someone who suffers through his/her day being treated differently and how much they long to be part of the “normal” kids. You despise yourself for being part of a special-needs class, hating the fake and counterfeit facade that the other students and teachers put on when they’re around you. This piece was written magnificently, showing the internal struggle that the character goes through. He/She goes through their school day realizing that the way that they’re treated is filled with caution and fake smiles. This second-person point of view was a very bold move by the author, and was performed very smoothly throughout the story. The reader could really feel the character’s turmoil and anger towards themselves and to others.
“You view them with envy and hatred and a desire to be like them. You would sell your soul to the devil to but just like them. But the devil never offered that deal.” The character so desperately wants to be “normal,” and to have “normal” friends that won’t view her/him as “autistic.” He/She pretends that everything’s okay, that she/he doesn’t realize the polite faces and fake smiles that the other students give her/him. The character puts up a strong facade around others, but she/he knows how affected he/she is by her envy and longing. The reader is put into his/her thoughts and emotions and senses the misery and hopelessness of having to face the same desires, wishes, and envies every day.
I thought this piece was very well-written and relatable to certain people out there who feel the same way. Not only for them, but this is a wake-up call to other kids, like me, who don’t realize how affected they are about this. Because in the end, none of us are “normal,” but we shouldn’t treat anyone differently based on something that’s a part of them.

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