Feedback on Stressing About College: A Cautionary Tale

November 13, 2017
By Carlson Ng SILVER, NYC, New York
Carlson Ng SILVER, NYC, New York
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There are many problems in your life, but the ones that bite you early are in your youth, specifically your adolescent years. “Stressing About College: A Cautionary Tale”, by Dylan, is a college essay about his personal experience from his high school years and transition into college. Especially because of all the grades and rigorous work he needed to achieve, Dylan definitely moved me.

As a senior in middle school, it is the final stand that I take in this school and the time to move on to a new chapter of my life. I can relate to the pressure that Dylan felt on his shoulders; I too have to take a big step in my life that will depict my future. I took the SHSAT only a few weeks ago, and I am still paralyzed by anxiety from taking the test. I am not the best A+ student out there, and am not perfect. My objective is to take the test, get at least a 600 and receive an offer from Stuyvesant, one of the best high schools in New York City. Now that everything is said and done, it’s a matter of waiting until I get the results back. I just have to keep in mind: “Stuy or die.” I hope I can defy this; hopefully it’s “Stuy and live.”

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