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September 26, 2017

The writing titled “Milky Way," written by Kristen L, was impressive. Her writing was about space and how the author was a part of it left me feeling shocked and impressed that the author would write like this because some forget we aren’t the only living thing in space! I agree and am indeed impressed by this poem. I especially love the way it is about space bringing planets and stars together to form a piece of art that is both heartfelt and beautiful in a way of saying, “I am a moon child.” The poet gave reason to why they think the are a moon child. The description of the stars is beautiful as they call them “a dream of hot charcoal with unspoken diamonds as smoking stars.” I am interested in why the poet would write a very outspoken piece depicting their way of speaking which indeed to those it touches is quite beautiful and easy to see as the poet does.

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