Review of "Is Marching Band a Sport?"

September 25, 2017
By AEngel BRONZE, Holgate, Ohio
AEngel BRONZE, Holgate, Ohio
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The writing tittled “Is Marching Band a Sport?” written by Avery J. was interesting. Her writing about marching band left me feeling in agreement. Is marching band a sport? This question leaves everyone wondering for the truth. Author Avery J. digs deep to provide valid evidence about marching band. Her story is very well written with classy details and vivid examples. She said, “If you break down the activities of marching band, … we do many things athletes do.” This quote states that marching band is comparable to other sports just in a little different way. Avery J. also said, “We show up and work hard to do what we love, even if we don't get the recognition that we deserve. I very much agree with this statement because band is very much overlooked by everyone.

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