Why Do Stereotypes Exist?

May 12, 2017
By AmyBall BRONZE, New Holland, Ohio
AmyBall BRONZE, New Holland, Ohio
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Why do stereotypes exist? Why does everyone think that a cheerleader is stuck up. Or a football player is stupid just trying to do good in sports so that he can get into college. Or the quiet girl that sits in the corner reading a book is weird. What those people don't see is all the insecurities that the cheerleader has and she has a panic attack before every game thinking that people will make fun of her or think she isn't pretty enough. Because that's what she thinks. What they don't see is that that cheerleader feels alone most of the time but can't talk to people because of her social anxiety. What they don't know about that football player is that he doesn't have a good home life, his dad's a drunk and he never sees his mom. He tries his hardest in school but never does his homework because there is too many distractions. The only thing that he has that doesn't fail him is football.


Because of this he devotes his life to it so that he can  have a decent future. And that quiet girl that sits in a corner reading a book does that because she feels like no one likes her, so she isolates herself with walls around her that no one seems to want to break, but what those people don't know is she wants someone to break those walls, she wants someone to interrupt her reading so that they can get to know the real her, because no one does. Stereotypes can destroy a person, believe me I know. That cheerleader I was talking about, thats me. The fact that people judge me without even knowing me because of the clothes I wear or the fact that I don't talk to many people makes my insecurities worse.

a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. (Google DIctionary).
Even the definition of stereotype is a stereotype, “particular type of person”. Type of person? There shouldn't be a “type” of person. You should just be you, without other people opinions.

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