Finding Smiley

March 3, 2017
By Anonymous

“Finding Smiley” by Julianne B. is a sweet and lighthearted memoir about how she found her dream dog. Julianne recounts her experience as a hopeful seventh grader on a quest for her new dog. She asked her deceased aunt to give her a sign when she found the right dog, and when she found Smiley it was love at first lick. Despite her mother’s “conditions” for the dog that she took home, there was no denying that Smiley was the dog for her, and he became “the absolute best dog [she] could ever have found.”

I found this memoir simple and endearing, as many puppy adoption stories are. However, it was mature and descriptive. Julianne looks back on when she was a hopeful seventh grader who still believed in wishing on birthday candles and eyelashes. She recounts her memory in detail, from regretting to bring a jacket to the feeling of the shaky runt in her arms for the first time. The piece overall was sweet and enjoyable.

I related to the memoir because I remember finding my dream dog in seventh grade. My mom had the same conditions–no shedding and not too big. But I couldn't resist Lexi. She was also a small puppy that would eventually grow to be a large dog. She was the smallest of the litter, and was the most energetic. She had beautiful eyes and beautiful fur, and I knew she would be mine. I loved “Finding Smiley” and would recommend it to anyone.

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