Why I Need To Go To College MAG

September 19, 2016
By Olivas23 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Olivas23 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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A big round of a applause for Amy for her motivating article, "Why I need To Go To College," this brought a chill down my spine while reading about your experiences coming to America the way you did. I also feel the pressure about being the first one in my family to attend college.

As the son of immigrants parents, my father tells me stories on how he crossed the border on multiple occation in order to achieve a better life in America. He was only 16 when he first crossed the border in order to find work so he can send money to his family back in Mexico. My parents have given me a good life.

I, wholeheartedly, agree with Amy as she emphasizes that she "has to [go to college. She has no] choice (Amy). I have recieved the same pressure to aliviate the struggles that my parents recieved in order to achieve the " American Dream." Thank you amy for sharing your story, you deserve all the success you experience moving on in your life. 

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