Things You Don't Know You Want

June 14, 2016
By Anonymous

It's rare that I am incredibly captivated by a romantic story, and rarer still that I am captivated by one of barely eight paragraphs. Priscilla Rapp's piece, Things You Don't Know You Want, published in the recent issue of Teen Ink, was the exception to this rule. Her essay describes the connection between a narrator (presumably Rapp herself, as the piece was published in the memoir section) and an unnamed boy at her school. The essay details Rapp's initial impressions of the boy, and how quickly they clicked. It's an undeniably sweet story, and made sweeter still by the idea that it is a true one. 

What I like most about Things You Don't Know You Want is the way Rapp establishes a story with plenty of room to continue it, but still makes it feel entirely finished. It's up to the readers to imagine what happens after the last line, which introduces the romance of the main characters, but the ending is by no means a cliffhanger, just the beautiful beginning to a longer story.

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