Plastic Surgery: An Ugly Trend

December 17, 2008
By Yeda Perry BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Yeda Perry BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I completely agree with you Melody B. about how plastic surgery is developing as an unhealthy norm in our society. It angers me when I see a beautiful young woman change herself to get the generic Barbie-doll look, which isn't so beautiful. Everyone has physical characteristics that they don't like, but it is part of what makes them unique. I personally find imperfections to be the most beautiful part of a person.
I find it especially sickening when parents force their children to get cosmetic surgery. Parent, of all people, should appreciate their children and teach them that beauty comes from within. If anything, this is the reason why so many youths have severe self-esteem issues. After all, if their parents don't love them for who they are, then who will?
Plastic surgery does, however, have its place. It is a wonderful option for accident victims that mess up their faces, and helps to reduce scarring in burn victims. Unfortunately, the miracle of plastic surgery has been twisted into something terrible. Thank you, Melody for making this clear.

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