Meaty facts

October 23, 2008
By Sterling Meacham, Oak Bluffs, MA

I am surprised how much meat does for us, but I was once a vegetarian, and I know that if you tell some vegetarians about how much meat does for us and how healthy it is, it won’t change their mind. The way I changed my mind was in science class. At first I was so sad that people ate animals but then we started learning about biology. In biology we learned about the circle of life, which taught me that animals live and help each other by eating each other. I know it sounds weird but imagine if one animal like deer were not eaten. The deer would overgrow in population and not have enough to eat. After a while the population would start to die of starvation because they ate all their food. So as you can see, need to eat animals and all the facts by Tyranna also shows how meat is good.

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