Behind Closed Doors, Feedback

September 13, 2012
The poem, “Behind Closed Doors” by Julia Fronterhouse showed a lot of emotions swirling together. The feel of the sad, pain filled lyrics about friendship really opened my eyes. I too have felt this pain among friends. Friends that seem like enemies at war.
Her words touching the confused people with whom thought they were alone. “An argument, wine spilled, Among friends-“ that verse really reached out to me, making me realize how often fighting among friends can happen.
Julia showed her feelings with the situation at hand. She wrote the emotions coursing through the friendship fight. About how painful it was to have to deal with such a great matter. Another thing was “Behind closed doors, doesn’t always stay behind closed doors” made me think about how these things actually don’t always stay shut inside. I truly thank Julia for showing a highly mattered issue that happens in everyday life.

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