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January 5, 2012
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Before I had read the article, “Lowering Expectations,” by Collin S, I had always thought that I was the loner in my views, and that no one had my view on life. Throughout my entire life, I would always have people that gave advice such as, “be positive,” and “always look at the bright side of things.” But I never seemed to agree with them.

When I read the article, I was pleasantly surprised to find that someone felt the same way that I did. Collin had mentioned that “it was better to lower our expectations” in life in order to maintain a steady breathing pattern. I strongly agreed with him about this. If we didn’t have such high expectations for everything, we wouldn’t have a constant cloud of stress growing over us. With low expectations, everything would be simpler, and grades would be viewed as only a simple number, and nothing else. What I liked the most, however, was how the topic could be applied to almost everyone’s lifestyle. The message of this article was very strong, and I believe that everyone should read about this philosophy of life. “Lowering Expectations” was a fantastic article, and it was no surprise to me that it was published in Teen Ink.

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Collinxschu said...
Jan. 14, 2012 at 5:10 pm
Thank you so much! You are certainly not a loner :)
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