"the chosen people"

December 8, 2011
By hugomon BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
hugomon BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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If you truly believe or follow something, you shall stand by it. Standing up for something you believe is challenged everyday in our modern society. “The chosen people” by Mark I, is probably the best example of how difficult it can be. Though the kid from story follows a different religion from the one I follow, I still relate of the stress and difficulty it could be to stand up of your belief.
In “The chosen people” the short-tall Jewish kid follows his religion and has strong feelings towards it. The story does a great job describing how he feels when Christmas comes along. Though he feels as if the lights out the window are closing in on him, his true test is yet to come at school. The teachers feel the kids should wear Santa hats at the Christmas performance. All comply but him, the short-tall Jewish kid. His actions cause for him to be punished and a phone call to his mother. Instead he is rewarded for standing by his belief. In my opinion I think this not only shows the importance of how you feel towards your belief, but how difficult it can be at times to do so.

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