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November 12, 2011
By stardust_dragon007 SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
stardust_dragon007 SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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Katie A’s article, “Reality TV” stresses the real side of life – what people experience isn’t just on TV. I couldn’t agree more with her whole piece. It’s true how not everyone gets raped or shot or robbed, or whatever else is on reality shows. She states that many adults look at the way teens are shown on TV and talk about the “Good Old Days,” when everyone was so nice and polite. That’s still the case – there actually are nice teenagers (believe it or not) – and what many adults nowadays don’t realize is how much we juggle at once.
She goes on to talk about the real problems in life, not like what people see on reality shows. Things like murder, miscarriages, and cancer happen to a countless number of people, but the way that it’s shown on TV, how the topic is made too dramatic than it really is, makes it seem unrealistic.
Another topic is how the girls are always perfect on TV – they have a toothpick-thin body and are the most popular people around. The same applies to guys – they don’t always go for the cheerleader or the girl that leads a clique full of “plastics”. Reality TV doesn’t show the whole side of life – only topics such as not remembering the last night and being arrested for drug abuse are shown – and that is the root of all problems.

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