"Fears and Promises"

October 24, 2011
By Kristy Schroeder BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
Kristy Schroeder BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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In the October issue of Teen Ink, Miranda Wheeler wrote a touching article called “Fears and Promises.” The author described sitting in the hospital, having no idea what was going on. She felt absolutely miserable, and she was incredibly lost. Sadly, her mother declared that she was going to die. The next day the doctors were going to perform a last resort surgery in hopes of Miranda surviving. Thankfully, the author survived to tell the story and stated that she would never take life for granted after her near-death experience. Fortunately, I have never had to go through what Miranda did. Her article made me think about how often people take their lives for granted. I never want to die with regrets, questions, or fears. The author talks about how when she almost died, she had so many things racing through her mind. This makes me think that I should say what I need to say now and to live life to the fullest because I have no idea how long I will live. So many people walk around feeling sorry for themselves (including me at times), and they never realize how much they actually have. People who are sick in hospital beds would love to have healthy lives. Next time I am moping around, I will remember the sick and dying people in the hospital who would trade lives with me happily.

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