An Epidemic Of Stupidity

October 19, 2011
By JazmintheG BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
JazmintheG BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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When you want to be entertained, what do you turn to? An Epidemic of Stupidity by Sarah M was about how the media (which includes television, the radio, etc.) portrays ideas into a person’s mind. This is not the media’s fault though.

The media might have a lot of influence on a person, but I think that all of the bad messages delivered aren’t being made consciously. Television and radio are made to entertain people, and there are some stations/channels that are made to expand a person’s knowledge, or in other words, educational stuff. Our society is now in a period of time in which there is more than one thing to watch. Because of this, it is harder for people to be entertained, and therefore, they have to show programs that don’t really value the education in our society. Everybody acts stupid in their lives, and mostly when they are with their friends. What MTV was thinking when they thought of “Jersey Shore” wasn’t education, it was fun. What people watch is their choice, and if you don’t like those shows, there is always a Discovery Channel.

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