We Are Earth

October 15, 2011
This article is called "The Help" because its about how people can help the planet.
Did you know there are about 6.2 billion people on the earth, and around 2050 there are supposed to be 9 billion people on the earth. Everyone says that's pretty cool, but they don't understand the consequences. There's global warming, starvation, and diseases. Many people don't believe in global warming, but it's happening. The caps are melting and that's causing a lot of problems. Polar bears are drowning because the ice is thinning and disappearing. Another problem is starvation in other countries. East Africa for example hasn't had rain in 3 years. People are starving everyday because of this drought crisis. Also in Africa they have many diseases. They have contaminated water which concludes in many forms of diseases. All of these things happen on earth. If we all help by donating and volunteering we can make earth a better and cleaner place. Just remember we are earth and what effects earth effects us.

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