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An Unexpected outcome

September 23, 2011
By ExtraordinaryMe SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
ExtraordinaryMe SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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I strongly agree with Teresa “An Unexpected Outcome”if she would not have told her counselor about how her mom was having issues with drugs her life would have most likely been very different. Teresa’s mom was becoming more of an addict to drugs and couldn’t take care of Teresa because of her situation she was in. I strongly believe that once a person becomes an addict like Teresa’s mom, it’s to hard for the person addicted to the drugs to care for someone else that isn’t them. Many people influenced by drugs cant deal with themselves because of there needs to get the drug they will do anything just to get what they need and anyone shouldn’t be in those kind of circumstances including a child like Teresa. Teresa should be proud of herself for achieving to go to college instead of taking the wrong way through life and becoming an addict. Thanks Teresa for showing us teens we can achieve to get a good education no matter in what circumstance we may have.

-Michelle Carrillo

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