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August 31, 2011
By Larry Joyner BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Larry Joyner BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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When my teacher first mentioned Teen Ink, I had no idea what it was. Since then I've discovered that Teen Ink is a wonderful resource for high school and middle school students. It gives them a taste of what quality writing is. Middle schoolers who read the magazine can improve their own writing skills through review and close examination of articles. As they enter high school, they'll have a good idea of that level of writing. This can only help the students in the future.

Teen Ink also serves as great resource for high school students like me. By reading it, I've learned ways to improve my writing. It's the only magazine written by teens for teens, which means readers like me can relate to the articles. The whole magazine is created by teenagers, so you'll always find an interesting story or piece of art.

My English teacher requires us to write monthly articles to submit to Teen Ink. This gives us great practice in writing essays and poems. Everyone wants to be published, so that's motivation. Seeing your article in print is not only glorifying but also inspiring. Published teenagers have their work viewed all over the country and the world, since every issue is on the website too. This will inspire young adults to write.

Teen Ink is a wonderful tool for the classroom. It honors teenagers and allows us to receive credit for our work.

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