Drag Queen Dreams

January 20, 2011
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"Drag Queen Dreams," by Jiselle Matamoro is an inspiring article that unmasks the true meaning and exemplifies every aspect a woman should have. Drag queens all around the world have been harshly put down and discriminated, but their pride, strength, and confidence strives them further through the road with high self-esteem. Despite the false accusations, they know their identities and care less for other's opinions. Just like them, an individual should not worry so much about what society thinks, but more about what he or she feel comfortable in and what he or she believe is right for themself. I love how Jiselle brought this conflicting topic to mind because she gets the chance to deliver her views in a positive way. Hopefully, this makes people aware of surroundings and see how what seems to be ridiculous, really isn't. Thank you Jiselle!

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