No Body Is Perfect MAG

By Wendy Carranza, Avondale, AZ

“No Body Is Perfect” is an article that adolescents can relate to. Molly M. makes a connection with many teenage girls through her sincerity. At this stage in life, our image, in most cases, is very important to us, and sometimes all we see is what we don’t like about it, rather than the unique beauty each of us has.

I am glad that Molly decided not to let her image rule her life. Like Molly, if we constantly feel uncomfortable with our body we should step back and reflect so we can realize we are all beautiful, no matter what we think we see in the mirror. Molly is a great example of a young woman who has deviated from society’s expectations and accepted herself as she is.

Like Molly, we should prevent the flaws we see in ourselves from taking over. We should accept ourselves the way we are, and allow people to like us for what we stand for rather than what we look like.

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