The Right For the Extreme MAG

By Lauren M., Wethersfield, CT

     As I read "The Right For the Extreme," I became increasingly concerned about the state of mind of my fellow citizens. Anthony Nguyen seems to think that celebrities, as well as regular people who have differing opinions about the war in Iraq, are "exploiting their freedom of speech." Unless you are causing harm to someone, there is no such thing.

Celebrities have a huge influence on popular culture, but they do not "force their ideas on others." In a democracy it is important to have a variety of ideas so that people may make informed choices.

With regard to this war, I have been deeply saddened to watch America suppressing those whose ideas they do not agree with. Controversy is the blood of democracy, it keeps it alive. Without it, we would be just another dictatorship. Just because we live in America does not mean that we all agree with our administration's policies. But, that disagreement does not make us any less American.

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