Images of Mom MAG

By Sarah H., Vineyard Haven, MA


“Images of Mom” was so powerful and real. Austin M. said that when he reached for his seat belt, an image of his mom popped into his head and the second he put it on the image went away. I think that truly reminds us that parents are always in our heads.

When I was on the highway recently I noticed I was the only one with my seat belt on, but unlike Austin, I told my friends to buckle up. When they didn’t move a muscle, I started to list all the bad things that could happen: a car crash which could result in brain damage, being paralyzed, death, memory loss, and a whole lot more. Then they all put their seat belts on, which made me feel a lot safer.

I really want to thank Austin for giving me an even better reason to wear my seat belt and hopefully everyone who reads this article will respond the same way.

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