Fair and Balanced? MAG

By Ed M., Wyckoff, NJ

      I am supportive of the war in Iraq and believe that we have done the right thing in removing an insane man from power. Who knows what he would have done - not just to his own people, but to the world?

We continue to do the right thing by trying to stop the civil war in Iraq. At this point, we cannot just simply leave the country. If we were to do so, everything we have done would have been for nothing - a waste of time, money and lives. We should not pull out of Iraq because soldiers have been killed; if anything, we need to avenge their deaths and finish the job. It was the soldiers’ choice to join the military, and possibly even their choice to serve in Iraq. They understood the risks, yet they still wanted to serve because they love their country. They believe what they are doing is right, and so should we. Because of this, I feel the war should be supported by us as a nation.

I stay only marginally informed of the war in Iraq; I know only what the news tells me, and I do not like what it says most of the time. It seems unsupportive of the war, always bringing up the number of soldiers killed and reasons why we should not be in Iraq. Very few stories of victory are broadcast.

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