A game to Remember

October 14, 2009
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“This was so much more than a game. It was a battle that only one team would win.A fight that left you breathless and shaking with adrenaline. This was soccer”
I love how Megan describes soccer. She really describes it well. Everything she said was true. Soccer is definitely so much more than just a game. The details she has about the sound of her booting the ball into the net is such a great description. I really get the image of her kicking the ball in the net and the loud “WHACK.” I think what she said about soccer being like life, “If we go through it feeling defeated and alone, we will never reach our goals and succeed,” Is 100% true. I give Megan props for thinking outside the box about soccer and really making a great connection! “My stomach knotted and my breathing went from frantic to nonexistent.” I think that is an incredible way of describing how you felt on the field. I can really relate to that feeling as a soccer player.
~ Isabelle

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