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Wash Your Hands. NOW!

March 3, 2011
By Man-Gundy BRONZE, Heber City, Utah
Man-Gundy BRONZE, Heber City, Utah
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I really needed to use a bathroom! Good thing Wal-Marts have them! Just one problem, as I walked in, an elderly man came out of one of the stalls, waved politely at me, and then walked right on out to touch everything shoppers do. People should most definitely care about their health and if that’s not enough, they should at least think about the other people that they come into contact with on a daily basis that could get sick from the consequence of the inability to wash hands.
It’s unsanitary to come out of a public restroom without washing hands. Isn’t it expected of everyone in today’s society and hasn’t it been since early childhood? Of course it has and should always be.

Why don’t (Pee-passers) engage in washing their hands after going to the bathroom? One of the major reasons is time. With an easily connected world, lives become up beat and instant. But just because society is getting more rushed and up tempo doesn’t excuse the fact that everyone should engage in the simple and sanitary action of washing hands after bathroom usage.
Pee-passers washing their hands isn’t stressed enough today. Some Pee-passers think that no one will notice if they just sneak or slip out of the public restroom. But the thing is; if Pee-passers are so nervous about fellow citizens noticing, then it’s obvious that it’s an action that should be preformed and is expected of them.

If it is something you would expect of your own neighbors, don’t you think they would in turn expect it of you? That should be a reason to DO IT! In addition to the obvious reasons like health, personal sanitation, your image, and the fact that it is ethical, public restrooms like those located in grocery stores, schools, businesses, churches, etc. should have hand washing better enforced by putting up signs and making it noticeable to all people that hand washing is expected in this restroom facility. That way, because of image, Pee-passers may engage in hand washing just because people are now watching and will know if they try to pull a fast one by not washing their hands. Everyone in modern society should have been taught since childhood to wash their hands. People could make society a much healthier place to live in if everyone committed and just took a few seconds out of a busy schedule and washed their hands. If everyone did that, everyone would benefit from the global action.
Does anyone like to become ill? What if you knew people were becoming ill just because people in society didn’t engage in something as simple as hand washing after a bathroom break! It’s relative that about 30 seconds or less of Pee-passer’s time taken to wash their hands can prevent society of some illnesses that may be contracted. If everyone just practiced hand washing, people would reduce the risk of sickness. When society engages in normal hand washing, we help ourselves, and the world. Taking less time than it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” to kill off your pee germs, can and will make the world we live in a less germ infested world. Be polite and hygienic and do the world a favor!

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