Adriana's Miracle

July 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Once upon a time, in a small house far away, there lived a beautiful little girl named Adriana. Her parents had given her the name Adriana for it meant happiness in Italian, and the name suited her very well. She seemed to bring joy into every life she touched, and besides being beautiful, Adriana was a very gifted and talented little girl. She could sing, act, draw, and write, but her greatest talent was dancing. When others saw her dancing, they became mesmerized, for no one had ever seen anything so beautiful.

One day, an evil wicked old witch was walking by Adriana’s small house, and saw her dancing on the front lawn. The witch had never seen anything so beautiful in her entire life, and instantly became angry and jealous that little girl could possess more beauty than the witch could ever dream of. Out of her anger and hate, the wicked witch cast the most evil and cruel of all spells upon Adriana. Before her fortieth birthday, her mind and soul would be trapped inside a body that could no longer walk, talk, and especially dance. The spell was so strong that no prince, no knight in shining armor, fairy dusty, or magic wand could ever break it.

Satisfied with herself, the witch walked away, leaving little Adriana completely oblivious to the curse that was set upon her.

As time went on, and Adriana grew from a beautiful little girl into an even prettier woman, she noticed something was amiss. Each year her balance gradually became worse, and eventually it forced her to depend on others’ help to even stand. The dancing that had once been so precious to her, was forced to come to a stop all together.

Despite her struggles, Adriana still remained a happy person. You could usually find her smiling and laughing with others, and she continued to bring joy into every persons life she knew. However, when alone, sometimes Adriana looked sad and lonely, and a tear would often run down her cheek. She would never admit it to anyone, but she was so very scared. And more then anything in the world, Adriana missed her dancing. She wished with all her heart that some way, some how, she would get better. Yet it seemed to everyone that nothing could save Adriana. No matter what she tried, or how much she wanted to get better, all that seemed to happen was that she would get worse. Nobody understood how, or why, this beautiful woman who was so wonderful in every way could deserve such a curse.

It was now a few months before Adriana’s fortieth birthday, and she was at her worse. She was now confined to a wheel chair, and her communication skills were limited. The worst fears her parents and loved ones could possibly ever imagine were being realize; there was no hope for Adriana. It was now almost for certain she would remain this was for the rest of her life. Tears slipped from her mothers eyes as she saw her daughters reflection in the mirror and she couldn’t recognize her anymore. Although Adriana remained beautiful, that was something she would never lose, she was just not the same person anymore. Every parents worst fear is that they will have to bury their children. Her mother just prayed that this fear would not come true.

That day, Adriana and her mother decided to go for a walk in the park. After they had gotten her settled into her wheelchair, her mother began to push her around the paths, pointing out the beautiful flowers, and the wonderful skies. Adriana would simply smile and nod. At the end of the path, they had noticed a women standing in front of them. She was dressed in white and blue, and in her hands were red rose petals. She came and stood in front of Adriana and her mother, smiled, and scattered the rose petals unto Adriana’s lap. The women told Adriana that she a miracle would occur, and to not be frightened by what would soon happen. She then turned around and disappeared right before there eyes.

Although the encounter was strange, something in the woman’s voice comforted Adriana’s mother and she wouldn’t let herself worry. Turning around, her mother walked back along the path, and brought Adriana home. She settled Adriana into her room for the rest of the night, turned out the light, and left.

The next morning, her father brought Adriana’s food in for her breakfast meal, and was schocked to see her sitting up in bed, smiling. After saying good morning to her father, he couldn’t believe it, and ran out of the room to tell her mother. Adriana’s mother was also surprised. She remembered the women at the park, and wondered if this was the miracle that would occur. Her mother felt that this was more then enough answer to her prayers and she was so excited that her daughter was able to communicate with them again.. However, this was not the miracle. Each day, Adriana grew stronger and stronger, until she could actually stand by herself. Her parents were so happy that they could hardly speak.

Time went on Adriana continued to grow stronger, but there were changes to her as well. Each week it seemed, Adriana’s stomach would get bigger and bigger. She ate more, slept more, and did things that Adriana’s mother did when she was pregnant with her. It didn’t take much for others to see that Adriana truly was pregnant. Everyone was happy for her, and they all knew that this baby was truly a miracle.

Nine months later, on the day before Adriana’s fortieth birthday, she gave birth to a little baby boy. When he was first born his cries had shattered the evil spell into a million little pieces, and all of the strength Adriana had lost was brought back to her. No longer would she be crippled, or trapped inside her own body. She could do all the things she used to do, and she could even dance. Adriana had never been so happy in her entire life.

While holding the baby in her arms, Adriana’s mother asked her what the baby’s name would be. Smiling with such joy and happiness, Adriana already knew… Miracle.

The author's comments:
This was a story that I wrote for my creative writing class. It was the most personal thing I have ever written because the story is about my aunt who had Multiple Sclorosis. Feel free to critcize and tell me how i can make it better. Thanks!

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OMG, you have no idea how amazing this is! I love that you took a real-life story and transformed it into a fairy tale. Keep writing stories because you have a great talent.


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