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March 5, 2009
By Tyler Turchan BRONZE, Livonia, Michigan
Tyler Turchan BRONZE, Livonia, Michigan
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The environment is very important and it is being destroyed and that it something that we all definitely do not want. Things that take gas, littering and smoke from cigarettes and factories are destroying the ozone layer and ruining the environment.

There are some solutions like hybrid cars, just taking that extra step to the trash can, and remembering to put recyclables in the recycling bin. See with just little things we could stop this from happening.

I know that hybrid cars are expensive and the economy isn't very good right now, but if you just think of your kids and grandkids you will figure out that it would be worth it to have the world a better place as they grow up. But taking things to the garbage and recycling that's for you to decide instead of being lazy and not taking the extra step or taking the time to find the recycling symbol on the side of the box or bottle.

Like I love to go outside and be out in the sun enjoying the fresh air I am always outside in the summer and its just great playing sports swimming and just having fun with friends there is nothing like it. But now every time I go out in the summer my mom has me put on a lot of sunscreen because of the UV rays. I have always had to even before all of the talk of global warming but now especially with there being a hole in the ozone layer letting in the UV rays easier. So I am always worried. And if we don't start to clean it up it's just going to get worse. And I don't want the world to be terrible when my kids are born. I want them to be able to go outside and have the experiences that I had. Like to go out on a summer day and go swimming and go play sports with their friends and I don't want to have to worry about them every time they go outside.

It would just be a terrible thing if the world turned out like that and to have to worry everyday about it. It's just a scary thing to think about and to live in it wow if we don't start to get our acts together its going to be a scary future.

I think my message through this would be to just take that extra step or take that extra minute to check the bottle of to just spend the extra money because I'm sure you don't want to leave that on your kids and grandkids. The future is looking bad but if we work that much harder and pay a little bit more attention it will all work out.

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