Efficient Energy use

February 11, 2009
By Saugat Rana BRONZE, Omaha, NE, Nebraska
Saugat Rana BRONZE, Omaha, NE, Nebraska
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T Using energy efficiently and to how to save it
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P To inform people how to use energy efficiently

We use so much energy everyday we don't even notice it. Too caught up on daily life to pay attention. But some people make energy efficient machines so we don't waste extra energy. Some of the machines might be a CFL light bulb or maybe an energy star washing machine.

Just imagine if we just reduce 5% in global energy could save us 10 million barrels of oil a day and provide enough energy to power Australia, Mexico and the United Kingdom. You can save energy at your home too. You can recycle your trash. How does it help the environment? First making recycled products uses less energy and fewer resources than making them from new resources. If your trash is burned harmful gases are released from the burnt trash. But if you recycle and fill 4 recycle bins with newspaper you have saved a tree and enough electricity to run your home for almost 2 weeks.

Now you know how easy it is to use the energy we have more efficiently. And how little contributions can make a big difference. So when you throw your trash out think about how recycling.

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