January 7, 2009
By Jesse Figueroa, Orlando, FL

Why is it that when an ant is squished it can be hillarious, terrible, or unnoticed? When you see a sun fried worm on the side walk it is of no significance? Or when a harmless spider is killed it is not a burden to carry, for a person.
Yet when a 25 year old lady dies everyone's lives around her shatter like glass, and tears flow endlessly into darkness. Is it love? Is it grief? Or is it the simple fact that they are of your own species. As humans we do not care for the beings below us. We kill, destroy, and demolish anything and everything that may stumble upon our death train. We act as we please without a care or the consent of the ones affected. Does no one care for the rights of "lesser" animals. Whether it be an ant, a fried worm, a harmless spider, or a woman everyone should be treated with the same amount of care, consideration, and love to all beings with a life. Maybe one day "human beings" will accept this and nature and tranquility will thrive stronger and more relentlessly than ever before

The author's comments:
If you think that nature is of no importance I can only hope this will tweak your perception. If you understand than never stop supporting nature.

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