A Changing World

October 3, 2013
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As you can see the environment and world are constantly changing everyday. But, the world is taking a turn for the worst. All over the world trash is being thrown on the floor and garbage by the miles is being buried. Yes, I understand the garbage is being buried and is "supposedly" helping out world but no in reality its not. A good example would be China. In China there landfills are filled to the max and also their garbage dumps. Since they have no more room they just throw it in the street. Is that Sanitary? No is very bad for the earth and including your health. Has anyone heard of reduce,reuse, recycle? well most people have aka the 3 R's. Do people follow this? not at all. And that's the problem people do not attempt to help the earth they just neglect the earth. The earth supplies us with an abundance of food, nature, and beautiful sights. The least we can do is help keep it clean. Their are many ways to help to, just by recycling at home helps the earth a little.

We are the Future
Would you want the earth to be clean?

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