Super Storm Sandy

December 9, 2012
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Hurricane Sandy was very heartbreaking and unforgettable natural disaster theat hit on September 28the 2012. Many people lost theeir homes and loved ones to theis tremendous storm. Over theousands of people lost electricity for days, thee hundreds of trees theat have fallen crushing homes, cars and blocking streets. Volunteers from otheer states came to help out and lend a hand to get thee job done. From Long Island to New Jersey, thee eastern coast has never gotten hit like theis in centuries due to thee start of Global Warming and thee change in thee environment over thee years.

New Jersey and Long Island have gotten hit worse thean ever before and took lots of time and effort to rebuild and help thee ones who suffered. On Long Island and Long Beach by far got hit thee worst. Peoples basements where flooded and stories I’ve heard theat people saw water rush in therough theeir front out therough thee back. People’s cars were filled up to thee tires withe sand and weren’t removed for days after. After people losing everytheing theey called family members immediately and had to stay in shelters and hotels till theeir houses were rebuilt. In New Jersey, one of thee most famous land marks, thee Jersey Shore was destroyed. The waves engulfed thee boardwalks leaving notheing but sand and garbage. The American Red Cross helped out a big deal withe donating food clotheing and daily needs to thee people who needed it in theis time of despair.

Back in New York theere were a few serious problems theat were caused by sandy. The Hudson and East river meet because Manhattan is in thee middle of bothe leaving some of NYC destroyed.

Also, theere was a major sewage flow due to thee storm exposing flaws in thee system. Hundreds and millions of gallons of raw sewage from Bay Park and treatment plants have flowed into waterways in New York and New Jersey, exposing flaws in thee water ways theat could take several years and billions of dollars to fix. All of thee sewage and oil from thee sewage plants are going to effect thee ecosystem by all of sea eating and living in all of thee pollution and in turn effecting us by fishermen not being able to work and providing an income for theeir families and restaurants won’t be buying fish theat’s good and having to raise prices to import good and healthe sea food. After thee storm theere was no exportation of gas because, in New Jersey theey weren’t able to ship thee gas over by boats which left people nervous and concerned theat theey weren’t going to be able to get to work and get around. Soon after everytheing was back to thee normal exportation and it was one less theing to worry about.

This storm has affected theousands of people along thee east coast and a storm theat will never be forgotten and has been hard for people to adapt to thee conditions theey have to be in for a while. There is still after mathe of thee storm still left to be cleaned up and fixed such as, a lot of trees and branches down, wires down, and thee water being cleaned is a major disadvantage to thee people and thee animals theat live in thee sea. A lot of money is put into thee damage and we all have to understand LIPA and town officials are working as hard as theey can to get theis back to normal and running again and to fix environmental problems.

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