Animal Cruelty

April 17, 2012
By rileyking BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
rileyking BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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When people think of animal cruelty, they normally think of the traditional kind. Ex: Owners of pets who are unfit, neglectful, abusive including those who tie a dog outside for their lifetime. Neglect and abandonment ARE the leading forms of animal cruelty. But animal cruelty comes in many forms of abuse. Puppy mills, bludgeoning of baby seals, dog fighting, (which is illegal in all fifty states, along with cock fighting) abandonment of pets, shelters still using inhumane methods of killing, the treatment of downed animals, even laboratory experimentation on animals and circus practices.

Many people don’t realize that the Circus is a huge contributor to the animal cruelty cause. In many circuses, exotic and INNOCENT animals are being trained via intimidation and physical abuse. Former circus employees have reported viewing animals being whipped, beaten, poked at with sharp objects, burned or worse to force them to learn their routines. Is this right? Is it really worth risking animals’ lives just to be entertained for an hour or two?

Something many people accept as okay is laboratory product testing on animals. People think that it’s okay because it happens all the time. People just use the products they use and don’t care about how many animals were hurt to make sure it was safe for the consumers. Arm and Hammer, Banana Boat, Bobby Brown, Clear Choice, Cover Girl, Garnier, Nair, and Tide are a few of the companies that do this.

We can all take a stand against animal abuse. We must, or statistics show that By 2022, 22% of all species will be extinct if no action is taken. Our children won’t be able to see and enjoy the beautiful animals we have, and what about their children? Even more! What about later then 2022... What all will we have lost by then? You can do so much to help! Spread the word to your family and friends. Donate money, petition, be a good example, look out for animals in your neighborhood… anything helps. Together we can overcome animal cruelty and make the world today and forever a better place.

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