Animal Abuse

October 28, 2011
By Anonymous

Have you ever watched a television show in which animals were being abused by their owner? Did you flip the channel or did you continue to watch? Did you think that it was cool and then try it for yourself? One of the many reasons why the animal shelters have so many animals in them is because people either abuse them and the authorities catch them and takes their dog away or the owners didn’t want the animal and left it in the wild or in a populated area. Animal abuse to me is the constant beating and caging of animals to where they are skittish around people.

Training an animal for some people is punishment, to others it is teaching the animal obedience. Some people may believe it as both. Obedience is the obeying of the commands that the owner may give. Obedience can be used to help control a animal in positions of toughness that may keep the animal from focusing on what it is supposed to do. Punishment is the way of teaching a animal that they aren’t supposed to do by scolding the animal. You may get frustrated because the animal isn’t obeying the way that you want it to. It could turn out that you punish the animal extra then what it should but there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed between punishment and abuse. Apparently this line is crossed a lot because there are more and more people going to jail over animal abuse.

On record at, 500 animals die a day to animal abuse and 300,000 die a year, this is too much. Animals shouldn’t be abused at all which makes the death rate per year disturbingly shocking. As an owner of three dogs, I am sometimes called an animal abuser because I try to teach my dogs what I want them to do and what they shouldn’t do. Some people think that if you punish an animal for using the bathroom in your house that it is abuse. To others abuse is excessively beating your animals until they bleed; but, to me abuse is the hitting of a animals when they don’t deserve a punishment. The way that I also see abuse is it is just a way to take out your anger on poor, innocent animals.

There are many forms of animal abuse throughout the U.S. One of these forms is dog fighting. Dog fighting has become an objectionable and unlawful activity in most places around the world. Many people have been caught in the act, and have paid the price. For example, four people received a 21 month federal sentence for having, in their possession, a dog fighting arena. This could be you if you abuse your animal, or you could have a worse sentence than they did. Please, don’t abuse animals because, remember, people could be laughing at you when they see you on the news for hosting dog fights. I would laugh, also. However, animal abuse is no joking matter, many people have been put in jail and if you abuse an animal(s) then you will get caught and you will have to pay the price.

There are many forms of animal abuse and it is shocking to the amount of people who do abuse their animals because abusing is just a way the people find power/joy/fulfillment through the abuse of an animal that they know cannot defend itself."

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on Oct. 30 2011 at 2:59 pm
Rocinante SILVER, Wexford, Pennsylvania
7 articles 1 photo 386 comments
Hey good for you I agree! Animal abuse, in whatever form it may be, is not ever OK. However, to make your point a little bit more clear to people who might be interested to know more on this subject, I suggest finding more solid facts (like perhaps statistics from ASPCA or something like that), maybe some puotes from well-know experts on animal welfare, just little things like that can really make your paper "pop" a little so that you can make an even bigger impact with your passion. Great start, though.


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