Styrofoam - the Wicked Witch of the West

May 31, 2010
By TinaAhmadi BRONZE, Yorktown, Indiana
TinaAhmadi BRONZE, Yorktown, Indiana
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As schools, communities, and countries put forth efforts into bettering our environment, there is a simple action each and every one of us must take to prevent ultimate environmental destruction. Even though some may enjoy the convenience or crunching sounds that Styrofoam presents, do you really want to sacrifice the well-being of our environment for selfish pleasures? Platters, cups, bowls, and essentially anything made of Styrofoam is NOT biodegradable. When you eat your dinner at home on a Styrofoam plate or eat your lunch at school from a Styrofoam tray, you should realize that you are contributing to rotting landfills and everlasting pollution because that tray or plate you ate out of will never disappear. Styrofoam, currently, cannot be recycled, so as conscientious citizens we must use alternative forms of platter ware.

There are several quick and easy solutions to the Styrofoam dilemma, but they take the initiative of you as citizens. First of all, we must reduce and eliminate Styrofoam usage in our homes. Though porcelain plates are ideal, disposable paper or plastic plates can still be used. Paper and plastic are much preferable over Styrofoam because paper and plastic can be recycled. Next, we must eliminate the Styrofoam lunch trays and cups used at schools. Though the number of Styrofoam trays used daily may seem negligible, when added up over years, schools create several putrid landfills. If you are still indifferent, think about how you would feel if you were living on a landfill.
So take initiative as a caring citizen and stop using Styrofoam, and ask reject Styrofoam trays at any event you attend. Go home and talk to your families about the negative impact Styrofoam has on the environment and convince them to use and alternative source of platter ware.

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