Who Are the Real Monsters?

May 19, 2010
By karabell BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
karabell BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my,
All of them monsters to the human eye.
Just trying to live their lives each day,
Just trying to stay out of humans’ way.
Humans however, pay these animals no mind,
Except when they injure one of our kind.
Another tourist mauled in Africa makes front-page news,
Because they simply forgot to follow the rules.
Thousands of innocent sharks are killed for reward,
Because a bite was taken out of a surfboard.
Grizzly Bears are hunted because of a bad reputation,
And now they are an endangered species in our nation.
Humans are all responsible for this,
Because of our greed and selfishness.
Animals are innocent bystanders blocking the way.
For humans’ progress and expansion, they will pay.
It isn’t fair, and it sure isn’t right,
No one cares about the animals’ plight.

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