Idling gets you nowhere!

May 13, 2010
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Many people across the globe participate unknowingly in a behavior producing 19 pounds of Carbon Dioxide for every gallon of gasoline used. And what is this atrocious behavior? It’s idling their car or vehicle. Idling is unnecessarily running your engine. People should stop idling and stop hurting our air, bodies, and costing themselves more money. I am writing this to inform you to stop this behavior and to realize what idling is costing our health, air, and wallet.

When cars idle the drivers think that is convenient for them, while it might be right now it definitely won’t be later. What comes out your car is linked with asthma, cancer, heart disease, chronic bronchitis and other lung problems. The elderly and children are especially vulnerable to the health problems. When adults idle in front of schools they don’t realize that they may be responsible if in the future these children have asthma, cancer or another disease caused from the 40+ hazardous pollutants. Most people don’t realize this but idling in small spaces or with many other cars is like being trapped in a room full of extremely dangerous gases.

The gases coming out of your tailpipe is not only hazardous to our health but also even worse to our air. Carbon Dioxide alone makes 19 pounds of air pollution from 1 gallon of gas. Many people may argue the fact that a catalytic converter will remove dangerous pollutants from the exhaust but when idling for a few minutes the catalytic converter won’t kick in. Reducing just 30 minutes of idling will save 9.5- 19 pounds of Carbon Dioxide. Carbon Dioxide is not the only gas that will harm our atmosphere. There is Nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and volatile organic compounds in the car exhaust.

When you idle away ½ - 1 gallon of gas for every 30 minutes of idling it’s not just costing the air but also your wallet. Idling doesn’t just make you pay for gas but for the action itself. In many cities including Chicago you will be subjected to a fine. (In Chicago the law is idle for 3+ minutes is unlawful and the violators will be subjected to a $250 fine.) Idling will wear down your engine and will cost you $70 -650 depending on idling habits, gas prices and vehicle types.

Reducing idling is not hard and would greatly benefit our planet and our health. A simple way to further reduce air pollution is to turn of your car at stoplight or in traffic jams. If you are already a no idler then convince others. Push to make it a policy to not idle at schools or your work. Idling is easy to stop just turn your key to turn off your car.

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