Green grass

May 4, 2010
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Winter finally ends and all the snow on the ground has disappeared. A long time without green grass is a nightmare to wide country farmers. All green grass need to grow is a beautiful sunny day after a light shower to soak the ground.

Spring is the season of growth. Everything can grow in the spring; the leaves on the trees, a fawn born in a pasture, and most important the smooth and wavy, green grass. Spring flies by quick and the school year reaches its end. Students start the countdown of the five weeks left until June fourth. The only thing they are thinking about as they walk from class to class is that summer is just around the corner and it's coming quick. Summer, of course, is considered the most dangerous season to our environment. Not by storms and the weather, but by trash and pollution.

Come summer more and more kids will be out and about partying and leaving trash on beaches and in cornfields. Pollution seems to be a lot worse during the summer because everyone is out having fun because school and work aren't holding most of them back from having a good time. I'm not saying having fun is a bad thing. I can't wait for summer myself, but I'm still going to be worried about those who think with a can of beer in their hands, not caring where the can ends up. Everybody dreams of those couple of months of freedom and no learning. Sometimes it is good to have something to do, but we don't always have something around to occupy our time.

Our environment suffers from cigarette butts, pop cans, trash and poisons including all liquids. In a block of walking you will most likely find at least two of those dangers to us and where we live. All of these chemicals degrade into the ground and gives off chemicals that kill the growing cells in any plants nearby including the green grass.

What I have told you I hope now you will think about two main things. What you do with your trash and think about the green grass. Summer is just around the corner and it will be your turn to make a change in the environment for everyone and everything. Summer is nothing to us without the sight of green grass on the lawn and a clear sky full of stars. Think...Do... and change.

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FlecksofGoldenHope said...
Jun. 9, 2010 at 5:31 pm
It'll always be a mystery as to why some people just don't care about our enviroment. People cut down trees that are perfectly healthy and beautiful. No offense if you don't recycle, but sometimes i just don't see why people think it is so hard to recycle a bottle, a box or paper. It is really sad how many people don't think twice about throwing a stack of paper in the trash, or plastic in the ocean (speaking of the ocean, why aren't we cleaning off those animals and taking them to a safe place)... (more »)
Lovergirl4ever replied...
Jun. 9, 2010 at 11:35 pm

I totally agree with you. I love animals and the environment and I would do anything to protect it!! Everyone should pitch in and recycle anything they can. I recycle all my cans and bottles mainly. Our environment needs a lot of protection so we need to stand up and make a difference. :)


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