For the Sake of Animals

December 8, 2009
By JENNYtheLAM BRONZE, San Diego, California
JENNYtheLAM BRONZE, San Diego, California
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I do not understand how some societies like to think of themselves as evolved and civilized, yet can tolerate any level of animal abuse. What is it in a human being’s mind that allows him/ her to not only torture, but maim and abuse, another living creature? Is it that they enjoy such activities and gain pleasure directly from those corrupt actions, feeding off the fear and pain of that animal? I’ve seen videos online of animals being tortured. For example, seals were being skinned and crying because they were in so much pain. I can see in their eyes, that they’re begging for them to stop... but these scavengers continue to skin them until you can see their muscle tissues and veins. Their skins are used for us humans that play a certain sports such as swimming, in the Olympics. How ruthless, cruel, and careless for people to do such an awful act. Animal cruelty comes in several forms, some of which people have no idea about. There is animal experimenting, animal abuse, and animal slaughter.

Animal testing has started numerous years ago to help provide humans with “helpful” information. The process of animal testing is one of the most disturbing experiments ever done. Many cosmetics and personal care products are made every year and are put into the market after being thoroughly tested on animals. Almost every product has been animal tested at some stage in its development. The website titled "Animals in Product Testing" stated, "...these products have gone through a long and complex testing process that leaves millions of animals mutilated, burned, poisoned and gassed in outmoded and unnecessary tests. From these different experiments, animals are often left with different diseases like Syphilis, herpes, or AIDS” (Animal Rights: Animal Testing). Manufacturers of these different products say that they are performing these tests to assure our safety for these products. Though, it is right? Has anyone thought about the other side of the trouble? It is pointless.
Also not all animals have the same skin oil and reproduction systems as us humans do. Animal testing is an unethical process because of some of the brutal things that happen in the process. There are certain types of animals they use for certain types of experimentation. Some well-known animals that they use for testing are: cats, dogs, mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, sheep, llamas, cattle, owls, deer, monkeys and other primates. Though these are not all the animals that are used... But why would they experiment on animals like owls? We’re not owls or birds! Does it look like we have wings and feathers? It is unnecessary because there is not a law that says you have to test any products on animals. This nation is known to be so “high tech” there are definitely alternatives. These different alternatives could possibly be more effective, be a better indicator for humans, produce much quicker results, and stay away from any kind of animal cruelty. For example, scientists can use technology and clone cells and human skin. They don’t need to use animals! So, why don't all companies realize that they don't have to do testing on innocent animals?

Starvation, suffering, anguish, fear, pain, slow agonizing death, constant torment… these are unimaginable conditions to most people. These are intelligent animals who feel love, sorrow, pain, fear, and happiness… the only thing they are incapable of feeling or understanding is hate. Cases of direct cruelty to animals involve the assertion of power and force by a more dominant being, upon the body and mind of a more vulnerable dependent being. Such cruelty inflicts pain, suffering, and often death. It is not right for someone to sit there and let an animal get beaten to death for no reason. There is no reason in this world to be hurting an animal for entertainment and for someone’s own problems. Though they may not be as smart as us, it doesn't mean it’s acceptable to treat them like they have the same knowledge as us, just because an animal isn't doing what you want doesn't mean you get to hit them. It is extremely absurd to force an animal to fight! There is counseling and therapy... and there are shows that people put on for OUR entertainment.

Most people who live in this world are taught to eat meat from birth. And for a fact, most people who obtain this habit never give it up. But in this world, we face a strange situation: On the one hand, people naturally love animals; on the other, they eat them. How is it possible to eat what one loves? It is difficult to understand how some people can refuse to eat cats and dogs because they love them, but then turn around and gladly eat other animals that aren’t as different. Cows and pigs, for example, just like dogs and cats, see and hear, are hungry and thirsty, feel pain and pleasure, like companionship and warmth. It is a fact that people do not have to kill the animals they eat; other people do this for them. So it is believable that the ancient saying, “Out of sight, out of mind,” applies, because we do not see animals die, and we can pretend that they are not killed. Our mind can make this psychological shield that protects us from seeing steaks and chops as parts of dead animals and as pieces of corpses. I believe it is a fact that many people would give up eating meat if they had to slaughter animals themselves! The emotional trauma would be too massive and devastating! Would the psychological shield break if people peered through these glass walls and saw the meat on their plate for what it really is, not for what they pretend it to be? The mass graves of innocent women and children massacred in Vietnam, for example, and the merciless exploitation of Jews at the hands of the Nazis. We do not want to look, of course, because we would not enjoy what we see. Yet we understand the need to confront the truth, however ugly it may be, we owe the victims of large-scale human evil at least this much. Do we owe less to the animals slaughtered for food? Think about it... This needs to come to an end!

Animal abuse is a strong issue and has been going on for years. We shouldn't take the lives of other living creatures for our liking and unnecessary wanting. We are hurting the innocent! We shouldn't be taking advantage of them and their lives. Most of the experiments are not even necessary! The cruelty of animals can be stopped, not only do we have to open our eyes, but open our mouths as well...

The author's comments:
When I went to Warp Tour 09' in San Diego,CA;
people who were vegetarians were passing out PETA DVDs. At first I didnt care until my boyfriend's cousin played it. There artists from Rock Bands and they were talking about how it wrong for animals to be abused. Clips of animals getting killed, tortured, and abused- and it made me have huge perspective change.

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wow i hate peole that abbuse toucher and kill animals i hate them,they shouldn't be aloud to kill abuse or torcher animals as they are life as well,i am running a blog for animals safty and i would hope you would chekc it out and stuff and ill be posting on it everyday and if you cna reply ill give you the link to it thanks i totally agree with you 10000000000 percent


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